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Love, War and Death on Lake Como – The Tragic End of Gina Ruberti

It is most unlikely that current guests at Blevio’s Mandarin Oriental are reminded of the tragedy that took place on the night of 3rd May 1946 when a famous resident of the Villa Roccabruna drowned in the lake while attempting to cross back home from Moltrasio. That person was Gina Ruberti, better known as Gina Mussolini – the dictator’s daughter-in-law.  Continue reading

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Overnight on the Via dei Monti Lariani

The Via dei Monti Lariani follows the border with Switzerland running along the crest of the mountains above the western shores of the lake. This walk is one stage along the 124km route with a one night stopover at the Rifugio Venini. Continue reading

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The Queen of England’s Como Court

For a brief period a royal wife and future Queen of Britain held court in Cernobbio – the tragic tale of Queen Caroline of Brunswick and the luxury hotel, Villa D’Este Continue reading

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Water Taxis and Lake Como’s Vaporina

A ride in a water taxi on Lake Como,  either taken out of necessity or convenience, is a pleasure in itself. Water taxis go far beyond their evident practicality by offering comfort and inimitable style. The style of these boats has long been dominated by Venetian design, Lake Como is in the process of re-establishing its own brand of boat  – the Vaporina designed specifically for our waters. Continue reading

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Como’s City Walls

Como has a lot of ‘history’ and the city’s walls provide visible evidence of the fact. They survive to this day due to the strategic location of the city and its desire to enforce customs duties on all goods passing through its gates. Continue reading

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True Crime in Como – the Molteni Murder

The ‘Delitto Molteni’ is a local true crime story which contains some elements of tragedy within it. A respected architect is accidentally murdered in a plot hatched by his ex-wife and her lover. He dies and they end up with long terms in prison with a further 10 people convicted for their involvement. Continue reading

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Como’s Changing Lakefront

Como is justifiably famous for the beauty of its natural surroundings and of its ancient walled city, for the inventiveness and quality of its silk production and for the creativity and skills of its artists and artisans throughout the centuries. The list of positives does not end there but it also ranks as the city with the longest, worst managed and corrupted civil engineering project throughout Northern Italy – but an end to the flood defence project is finally in sight. Continue reading

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Como: The Potential for Cultural Tourism

Como and Cultural Tourism – a sustainable form of tourism with the potential of increasing the length of visitor stays – for the benefit of tourists and residents alike. Continue reading

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Anomalous Waves on Lake Como

Anomalous Waves on Lake Como. Alpine lakes can experience tsunami-like anomalous waves. These and other extreme weather events have massive destructive power and demand that we treat our natural environment with respect. Continue reading

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Swimability 2020: ‘Excellent’ Lake Bathing

Swimability 2020: ‘Excellent’ Lake Bathing. The season is starting late and I had feared that lockdown may have impacted pollution of the lake’s water – but all is well and most beaches have excellent clean results. Continue reading

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