Welcome to The Como Companion – the newsletter in English for residents and visitors to Como, its lake and surroundings. This newsletter aims to share and communicate local information amongst the English-speaking community (both permanent and temporary).

Although the original aim was to invite contributions from whoever wished to do so, over time the newsletter has become more of a personal vehicle for researching and publishing articles that reflect my personal activities and interests. However I do hope that at least some of these  interests do manage to coincide with yours as readers. Your comments and suggestions will always be very welcome.

The objectives of the newsletter are to:

  • enrich our experience of living in or near Como through the sharing of information.
  • make my growing knowledge of Como’s culture, history, geography, facilities and attractions available to all including visitors as well as residents.
  • support the participation and engagement of our readers with local commerce and cultural or recreational activities.

As of 2021 my wife and I have been living on Lake Como for the last eight years. During that time I have enjoyed learning more about this area in which we have chosen to live. Como is an ancient town founded by Julius Caesar but with prehistoric communities dwelling in the mountains for many years prior to that. Not only is it blessed by being surrounded by spectacular scenery but its location has meant it has played a significant part in historical events over the centuries, reaching its apogee at the epicentre of the collapse of fascism in April 1945. What is more, in spite of its modest size, it has given birth over the twentieth century to artistic and architectural movements of world significance whilst also being one of Europe’s most important centres for silk finishing. Discovering these different facets of Como has been a great pleasure for me and I hope this newsletter manages to convey some idea of why I find this such a special place.

All comments, suggestions (and encouragement) will be gratefully received.