Social Media and Clubs for Ex-pats

Como International Club

From their website: The Como International Club (CIC) was founded over 40 years ago and welcomes women of all nationalities in Como, Italy and the surrounding areas. The CIC aims to promote international friendships through social events and an array cultural activities.

We currently have over 120 active English-speaking members and are always enthusiastic to add more fresh faces to the group. Please use our website to inquire about any questions you may have about the CIC, become a member as well as browse and register for our monthly club events.

For further info send an email to
Their regular social event is a coffee morning held on the first Wednesday of each month from 10.00 – 12.00 at Como’s Yacht Club on Viale Puecher.

English Speaking in Lugano – Facebook

This Facebook site describes itself as:
This Facebook page is for Expats or English speakers living in Lugano .
The aim is to help one another, offering information as to what’s going on in and around the area, where to buy things, services offered or needed , if people want to sell their items or just need advice such as Doctors ,Dentists ,Kids clubs, Sight seeing…anything. If you are new in town and want to make new friends please introduce yourself to the group, maybe you have a hobby and you are looking for clubs or others to join you. 

If you know of any local events happening please do post and let us all know.
We also have Files where you can attach or find useful resources . Click where you see the More Button (next to Members ) and then you will see Files.
Professional Advertisers please ask the Admins permission first , we are a small local group and don’t want over saturation of adverts thanks.

Lake Como Expats

This Facebook closed group has a delightfully short description:
A page for those lucky few who are living the dream on Italy’s beautiful Lake Como

It also has a single rule:

No Spam

Give more than you take to this group. We don’t mind you advertising something occasionally but only if it is of interest to the group. No repeated sales posts and no irrelevant spam please.

Varese at Home

This is another Facebook page which describes itself as:

This group is for all people (both internationals and Italians) who are living in and around Varese (or used to live there), and who like to exchange information about nice excursions, services, products and celebrations or any other nice things to share.

This group is an initiative of Liesbeth Paardekooper and was created after the publication of her second travel guide “At Home”, a guide filled with tips and beautiful locations in the area around Varese. Her first publication was “Always Sunday” (which also was/is available in Italian as “Sempre Domenica” and in Dutch as “Altijd Zondag”). See the first (pinned) post in this group to have information on where to find/buy these guides.

This group is about sharing and caring and in order to keep this group interesting for everyone we stimulate sharing information that could help others or that might be of interest to others