Specialist Tours

Many of the companies or individuals included in these ‘Community’ pages would be more than willing to customise a tour for you whether by boat, plane, helicopter, bicycle etc. However this sub heading is for those that offer a specialist activity.

lake como food tours

Lake Como Food Tours

This company is run by two women with the admirable objective of seeking to introduce visitors to the less well-known restaurants or eating places.

This is from their website: ‘The original Elena and the rational Laura teamed together to start this new business, a new style of travel experience: showing visitors the wonderful place they were living in and offering an alternative way to familiarise with the town through an off the beaten path food and cultural experience – a series of tours revealing Lecco’s hidden gems.

Elena and Laura believe that eating and cooking one’s way through a country is one of the best ways to understand and enjoy a culture. The raw ingredients, finished dishes, smells, tastes and traditions all combine into unforgettable sensory experiences.

Their mission is to continually seek out and share food and cultural discoveries with locals and visitors. They are passionate about food and are experts at making people feel at home in each neighbourhood they explore. They seek out small, hidden shops and restaurants that are frequented by the locals in each of the places they tour.

Refer to their website for details of tours, prices and contact information.