culture logoIt is difficult to maintain a totally comprehensive set of listings for cultural events and so I apologise if what I include here appears selective. The official weekly Visit Como newsletter is an excellent source of information on upcoming events but it does not allow for forward planning. What we hope to do here instead is to give as much forewarning as possible of upcoming events so you are better able to plan your time or your visit.

Refer to Musical Events for a listing of the events that tend to repeat themselves every year. The approximate dates from previous years act as an advanced guide and then, when we flag that precise dates are available, you can  access details of these in our calendar.

There are also a considerable number of art and photography exhibitions held over the year in a variety of different venues. To best manage a listing of these separate exhibitions I have decided to provide a list of as many of the Exhibition Venues that I am aware of and to give details of whenever they have a current or forecasted exhibition. I will then include start and end dates for these exhibitions in the Como Companion calendar.

I have now set up a third category under the title of Festivals and Conferences of which there are a number held over the year. They are mostly held in Italian but not exclusively so either because they invite international speakers with simultaneous translation or they include some bi-lingual elements.

There are other events such as film festivals and I will need to understand how to best list them if they are showing original language versions. As far as I know, standard scheduled original version film screenings only take place in Lugano and these are listed in the local Como press (La Provincia or Corriere di Como).