Cultural Itineraries

Como, its lake and the surrounding area is so rich in artistic and cultural treasures that many remain poorly advertised and, as a result, not well known and under appreciated. This is in one sense a great pity since this patrimony represents a major opportunity for developing forms of cultural tourism directed at both national and international visitors as well as offering a major benefit to local residents. It also represents a marvellous opportunity for those who are prepared to seek out these treasures since many can be appreciated in their original setting.  Many of the sites in these itineraries are rarely visited and so you may have unique access. For some, you may need to call ahead to arrange access in which case you will often be rewarded by the knowledge and interest of their proud custodians. Never be hesitant in making such calls.

Cultural Itineraries

In addition to the individual itineraries added to the Como Companion over time, there are also the following local resources which are useful although not all are multi-lingual:


camminacittaCamminacittà is a multi-lingual web site produced by the cultural association Iubilantes. They say:

Building upon its lengthy experience of walks and paths, Iubilantes proposes a new bilingual web portal (it/en), dedicated to the virtual presentation of a potentially unlimited number of cultural-tourist itineraries for the rediscovery of our cities. Itineraries to be enjoyed in a slow and / or sustainable way, with absolute preference for foot only excursions and with constant attention to the principles of the material and cultural accessibility of the sites, monuments and the very tools used to know about them.
For each itinerary (or path), the portal is designed to give general description, setting, maps, orientation, travel time on foot, monument facts, places of nearby interest, intersections with other paths, links to public transportation and parking.

Passeggiate Creative

Passeggiate Creative is a local association which organises cultural visits and has defined some cultural itineraries in Italian.


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