Dancing Classes

Classes and courses tend to be advertised in September at the start of the academic year. Among the variety of courses on offer, the two classes in Scottish and Irish dancing stand out perhaps as being of particular interest to CC readers.

Irish Dancing

Gens D’Ys is the name of this academy of Irish dancing with about 29 different branches across Italy, including Como. The site page for Como gives their address and the two types of course on offer. They can also be contacted by phone: 335 7155360 or by email at info@gensdys.it.

Scottish Dancing

Scottish dancing lessons, organised by the Como-based non-profit organisation Oro di Scozia, run from the start of September to the end of November. They are run by seasoned teacher, John Murphy. 10 sessions also run from the start of February.

Classes take place every Thursday evening from 20.30 – 22.00 at the site of L’Officina della Musica  on Via Giulini, 14B. Parking is available.

For more information call Ferdinando Viti on 338 509 3758.