Musical Events

Covid has messed up the normal schedule of musical events over the last two years but as the summer season of 2021 starts out, there are some early signs of revival. Of particular merit  this year is the entirely new Villa Olmo Festival sponsored by the Comune of Como. LacMus Festival has also declared its dates and I hope that many of the others in the listings below will also dare to raise heads above parapets so we can all get back to enjoying a Como summer as in the past.

There are a number of cultural events organised each year in and around Como. Many of them but not all are musical and the key ones are listed below. For art and photography exhibitions, view our page on Exhibition Venues. We will also shortly start a page for general exhibitions, conferences and symposia.

The list gives a brief description of each event and information on its start and end date, entry fees and locations. Whenever programs get published online, the specific dates are then entered into the Como Companion calendar.

Arte Solidale Festival

arte-solidale-festivalArte Solidale is a festival promoting young musical talent with a winter and summer season of concerts in various beautiful locations around Lake Como. The concerts celebrate a rich variety of classical music. Entrance to most concerts is free but the concerts do aim to gather donations to aid young people in need of assistance.

Type of Events: Classical, orchestral and recitals

Organised by: Various associations.

Location: Various locations around the lake and Cantu

Start Date: 10th September 2022

End Date: 18th September 2022


Details of the events for 2022 are NOT YET available on our calendar

Bellagio and Lake Como Festival

Bellagio Lake Como Festival

Bellagio and Lake Como Festival organises  a series of predominantly classical music events that take place in Bellagio, Tremezzo, Erba and other lakeside locations. Most of the events are  free but some do either ask for a contribution to charity or a small entrance fee. The events start in June and continue until the second week in September.

Type of Events: Classical, orchestral and recitals and some jazz

Organised by: Rosella Spinosa

Location: Bellagio, Erba and other lakeside locations

Start Date: 23rd June 2022

End Date: 26th August 2022


Details of these events for 2022 are NOW available in our calendar

Bergamo Jazz Festival

Bergamo Jazz FestivalBergamo Jazz is now into its 41st year having been set up in  1969: the main setting of the stage of the Teatro Donizetti has witnessed some of the great names of jazz over the years including Keith Jarrett, the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Charlie Mingus, John Scofield, Gato Barbieri, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Max Roach and  Cecil Taylor.

Type of Event: International Jazz

Organised by: Teatro Donizetti

Location: Various in Bergamo

Start Date: 17th March 2022

End Date: 20th March 2022

Entry Fee: Go to website for ticket info

Website: Follow link

Details of events for 2023 are NOT YET in our calendar.

Blevio Summer Festival

Music, quality street food, swing and sport on Blevio’s lakeside from Friday to Sunday.

Start Date: No news yet on any start date

End Date:


Details of events for 2022 are not yet in our calendar.

Buscadero Day (Change of location)

buscaderoBuscadero Day is a celebration of American Country Rock previously held in the attractive location of Pusiano in the local park that fronts onto the small but beautiful lake of Pusiano. The locatuion is now Parco Berrini on the Lago di Comabbio to the south of Varese. This concert always manages to attract significant artists from the USA. This year (2019) the star performer is David Bromberg.

Type of Event: American Rock and Country

Location: Ternate, Parco Berrini on Lago di Comabbio

Start Date: 22nd July 2022

End Date: 23rd July 2022

Entry Fee: Free entry

Website: Follow link

Details of events for 2022 are NOW available in our calendar. 

Chamber Music – Teatro Sociale

sala-bianca-teatroFrom autumn to spring, the Teatro Sociale organises a series of recitals held once a month on a Sunday morning in its glorious Sala Bianca. Entry is free. All concerts start at 11.00am. The Sala Bianca is one of the most beautiful public spaces available in Como and well worth a visit for its own sake. The Teatro Sociale also runs a season of dance, music and opera throughout the winter months detailed under Stagione Notte on their website.

Type of Event: Chamber music and recitals

Organised by: Teatro Sociale

Location: Como

Start Date: 10th October 2021

End Date: 12th December 2021

Entry Fee: €10 from box office

Website: Follow link

Details of events for 2022 are not yet available in our calendar.

Chiasso Jazz Festival

chiasso-jazzThe Chiasso Jazz Festival is held over a weekend in early spring. 2019 is the 22nd edition of this event – one of the rare events which link Como and Chiasso culturally by the hosting of a pre-festival concert at Como’s Teatro Sociale. It attracts musicians of great reputation and is definitely an event to put in your calendar if you are a lover of modern jazz. The Cinema Teatro in Chiasso puts on other music and dance events throughout the year so it is worth checking their schedule even outside of the festival dates.

Type of Event: Modern Jazz

Organised by: Cinema Teatro

Location: Cinema Teatro,  Via Dante Alighieri, Chiasso

Start Date: 10th March 2022

End Date: 12th March 2022

Entry Fee: to be defined

Website: Follow link

Details of the events for 2023 are not yet available in our calendar.

Circolo Bellini Summer Season

circolo belliniThe Circolo Vincenzo Bellini is a cultural organisation founded in 1978 at Moltrasio which organises a series of musical events such as piano, violin or opera recitals from April to October. Access for association members only. Membership details available via contacts below and website. You may also subscribe at any of the concert venues.

Type of Event: Classical music recitals

Organised by: Circolo Vincenzo Bellini

Location: Villa D’Este

Start Date: 26th May 2022

End Date: 25th October 2022

Entry Fee: Full season subscription €90, €170 for couples or call 389 88 55 055 or 338 32 87 517 between 17.00 and 19.00 for info on costs of individual performances

Website: Follow link

Details for 2022 are NOW  in our calendar.

Contact details: 349 3551101 and 338 5849479


Como Classica

como-classicaComo Classica is now into its 7th year bringing classical music to the attention of a broader public. It consists of a series of chamber music  concerts in a variety of locations available free to all who subscribe to the association for a seasonal fee of €25. For info on how to subscribe, contact

Type of Events: Classical

Organised by: Associazione Como Classica

Location: Around the city of Como, Cantù and Istituto Carducci di Como

Start Date: 14th January 2022

End Date:5th June 2022

Details of events for 2023 are NOT YET available in our calendar.

Como Contemporary Festival

como contemporary2019 saw the first edition of this initiative launched by the Associazione Culturale Polifonie. It aims to promote contemporary music and its links to other arts such as poetry, painting and the theatre.  Events take place either at the Chiesa  Grande di San Giuseppe (a modern church with stunning stained glass), the Museo della Seta and Villa Olmo

Start Date: 5th November 2022

End Date: 13th November 2022

Details of events for 2022 are NOT YET in our calendar.

Como Summer Festival or acCOMOdatevi

Como Summer FestivalWith a change of administration at the Comune there is yet another change in the name of these events organised by the Comune over the summer. It is now called ‘acCOMOdatevi’ or ‘Take a Seat‘. This first year (2019) the comune were spectacularly inefficient in commissioning and then advertising these events – on current form, they are unlikely to improve but a programme has now been defined and we are now able to include all in our calendar. All events are free and are in our calendar or also in the official Como website.

Type of Events: Music, art and culture

Organised by: Comune di Como

Location: Piazza Grimoldi, Tempio Voltiano and others

Start Date: No news yet of any start date

End Date:

Details of events for 2022 are NOT YET available in our calendar.

Estival Jazz Festival

estival logo

This music festival attracts some excellent musicians representing modern jazz, blues and world music predominantly.  A series of excellent open air concerts which are entirely free.  The setting in Lugano is glorious.

Type of Event: Jazz and World Music

Organised by: Lugano and Mendrisio Town Councils

Location: Lugano

Start Date: August 27th 2022

End Date: August 27th 2022

Entry Fee: Free

Website: Follow link

Details of event for 2022 are NOW available in our calendar.


Festival Como Citta della Musica

como festivalThe festival is now in 2019 onto its 12th annual event. The highlight this year will be performances of La Traviata  by Giuseppe Verdi  held in the Arena of the Teatro Sociale on 27th and 29th June and 2nd July. These performances incorporate a whole mass of contributors in addition to the professional artistes making opera truly accessible to all and highly participatory.

Type of Event: Opera and varied musical genres

Organised by: Como Festival

Location: Villa Olmo and its park

Start Date: 29th June 2022

End Date: 17th July 2022

Entry Fee: Check Teatro Sociale’s website or the Festival’s website for details. Bookings must be made through the Teatro Sociale’s ticket office or online. Website: Follow link

Details of the events for 2022 are NOW available in our calendar.

Festival Internazionale di Chitarra

guitar festivalThis annual festival dedicated to guitar music, takes place in August in the town of Menaggio. It was originally set up in 2007 by the current director Sergio Fabian Lavia based on the model of the Bormio Festival with the objective of combining great music in a small community within a beautiful setting. Locations for the musical events are mainly bars and restaurants around the town.

Type of Event: Varying types of guitar music and workshops

Organised by: Sergio Fabian Lavia

Location: Bars and restaurants in Menaggio

Start Date: 18.30 Saturday 28th August 2021

End Date:28th August 2021 (just one day)

Entry Fee: Free

Website: Follow link

Details of all the events for 2022 are NOT YET available in our calendar.

LacMus Festival 

LacMus2020 is the fourth edition of this brief classical festival that combines quality performances in beautiful settings. The programme for 2020 is reduced because of the pandemic.

Type of Event: Classical music from baroque to modern.

Organised by: Paolo Bressan, the conductor and Louis Lortie, the pianist

Location: Various locations in Tremezzina, Ossuccio and Lenno

Start Date: 7th July  2022

End Date: 17th  July 2022

Entry Fee: Tickets available online


Details of all the events for 2022  are NOW  available in our calendar.

Ladri di Note a Cernobbio

La Grande Musica di CernobbioA series of concerts held in Villa Bernasconi in Cernobbio organised by the Societa dei Concerti di Milano. This festival did not happen last year but is now back in 2019 – it features classical musicians of renown from the Rai Orchestra and/or the Orchestra of the Scala Theatre in Milan. Most of the events in this festival are held in Milan. For more information, try their website or call +39 02 669 841 34.

Type of Event: Classical music either by Quartets or soloists

Organised by: La Societa dei Concerti di Milano

Location: Churches in Cernobbio

Start Date: June 2022

End Date: 19th September 2022

Entry Fee: Contact by phone  +39 02 669 841 34 for information.


Details of all the events for 2022 are NOW available in our calendar.

Gravedona Chamber Music Festival

Gravedona Chamber MusicNow into its second year, it describes itself thus: 

The Gravedona Chamber Music Festival, organised by the ClassicAreale  association, was born from the desire of Dr. Clara Curtoni and Maestro Jacopo Di Tonno to share the beauty and magic of chamber music, firm in their belief that music is the best medicine for the soul.
It is now an important event in the European classical music festival scene and every year artists and chamber groups of international renown participate.
Famed cellist Enrico Dindo accepted with great enthusiasm to be the Festival’s honorary president and his vision of music-making will always be our model and source of inspiration.
After the great success of the first edition, this year we will have the honor of inaugurating the Festival with two truly special artists: Alexander Lonquich and Cristina Barbuti, musicians of rare sensitivity that will perform in two different chamber groups. We will also have the great pleasure of welcoming back for two concerts Francesca Dego, a supporter of the project as well as an honorary member of the Association. Francesca accepted enthusiastically to contribute to the musical life of Lake Como, being originally from Colico.
The “Gravedona Chamber Music Festival”, which will be held in August, will take place at the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie and Palazzo Gallio.

Type of Event: Chamber music of international renown

Organised by: Associazione ClassicaReale

Location: Gravedona in the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie and the Terrace of Palazo Galllio

Start Date: 6th August 2021

End Date: 27th August 2021

Entry Fee:  Around €15 for individual performances €110 for a season ticket. Tickets available on line on the organiser’s  web site  or contact by phone M +39 348 284 5077 or


Details of all the events for 2022 are NOT YET available in our calendar.


Lake Como Festival

Lake Como FestivalA series of recitals held over the summer in a variety of villas on Lakes Como or Lugano. There is also an autumn season.

Type of Event: Classical music recitals

Organised by: Amadeus Arte & FAI

Location: Various lakeside villa locations

Start Date: 29th July 2022

End Date: 18th September 2022

Entry Fee: €10 for events in FAI buildings, €18 for concert and entry to Villa Carlotta,  €7 for over 60s, free for under 14s, the disabled and members of Amadeus Arte. Season tickets cost €30. Some concerts are however free.

Website: Follow link

Details of events in 2022 are NOW available in our calendar.

Lecco Jazz Festival

lecco JazzThis is just the second year of this event and unfortunately I got to hear of it too late to include details from the start of the festival. However this marker will ensure that won’t happen next year. This is a festival dedicated to Giorgio Caslini with the intention of not just bringing great music to the city but also workshops, debates and of course, attractions for visitors. All events are free. The event is organised by the comune with an off-festival (September) organised by CRAMS and CEPI.

Type of Event: Jazz performances, workshops and master classes

Organised by: Comune di Lecco with support from the Lombardy Region

Location: Various city locations in Lecco

Start Date: 21st July 2022

End Date: 24th July 2022

Entry Fee: Free


Details of events for 2022 are NOW available in our calendar.

Symposion Festival, Tremezzina

2018 is the first year of the Symposion Festival which features 8 free musical events throughout the month of July. It is promoted by Lounge Bar Acqua Cheta where the musical events take place within the Parco Civile Teresio Olivelli. It is also sponsored by Lake Como’s own natural water brand – Acqua Chiarella.

Type of Event: DJ Indie

Location: Parco Comunale Teresio Olivelli, Tremezzo

Free entry

Start date: No details yet

End date: End of July

Web site: http:/  

Details of these events for 2022 are NOT YET available in our calendar.

Swing Crash Festival

swing crashThere will be no festival this year. With luck it will return in 2020. It is a festival of Swing big band jazz music from the 1920s and 30s and the accompanying dance styles.

Type of event: Dance and music workshops, music and dance events

Organised by: Associazione Swing Crash by international dancers Vincenzo Fesi and Isabella Gregorio.

Location: Grand Opening in Bellagio, public concerts in Piazza Volta and Piazza Cavour in Como. Other events in clubs and bars.

Start date:

End date:

Entry fee: Depends on event – info from the website.

Website: Follow this link

Details of the events for 2022 are not yet available in our calendar.

Tra Lago e Monti Festival

tralagoemontiClassical music festival held in a variety of locations on the Lecco side of the lake as well as primarily in the Villa Monastero at Varenna. T.his is now into its 31st year

Type of Event: Classical music

Location: Villa Monastero at Varenna and in churches or other locations of architectural interest along the Lecco side of the lake.

Organised by: Roberto Porroni

Free entry

Start date: 23rd July 2021

End date: 11th September 2021

Web site: Roberto Porroni

Details of this event for 2022  are NOT YET available in our calendar.

Tremezzina Music Festival

tremezzina music festivalWorld music, classics and jazz in the beautiful setting of Tremezzo and Ossuccio usually held from mid-August.

This event was cancelled in 2018 but is back again this year (2019) for its 17th edition.

Type of Event: Jazz, World Music

Location: Parco Comunale Teresio Olivelli, Tremezzo

Free entry

Start date: 9th August 2021

End date: 11th September 2021

Web site:

Details of this event in 2022 are NOT YET in our calendar.

WOW Music Festival

wow music festival logoThis event has now returned to Como in 2021 and been integrated within the  Villa Olmo Festival.

Innovative series of musical and mixed media events taking place in the gardens of Villa Olmo. A mix of indie-rock, and electro with artists of international fame alongside food, workshops, meetings with artists – with the objective of making this the heart of a cultural renaissance across the Como area.

Type of event: Indie-rock, tecno, workshops

Organised by: Marker, Autorock and Como Concerti

Location: Villa Bernasconi, Cernobbio

Start date: 30th June 2022

End date: 3rd July 2022

Entry fee: Tickets can be purchased via

Website: Follow this link

Details of the events for 2022 are NOW  available in our calendar.

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