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Day Cruises on the Steamboat Concordia


Piroscafo Concordia

Last year (2106) the Navigazione Laghi completed the restoration of the steamboat Concordia and put the boat into regular service on the lake. In addition, they offered so-called Apericena evenings just around the first section of the lake going up as far as Villa Pliniana. View the two sets of photos on this site, one focussing on the renovation work of the steamboat and the other recording one of the ‘Apericena’ mini-cruises.

This year, however, the ‘Apericena’ evenings are not on offer but they are replaced by day cruises from Como to Bellagio on Sundays throughout Spring and Summer (from 16th April to 17th September to be precise but with no cruise on 25th June). The cruise leaves Como at 11.30 to arrive in Bellagio at 13.30 with the return to Como heading out at 15.55 arriving in Como at 18.15.

Civenna and Xtreme Jungle Raider Parks

Civenna Jungle Raider ParkThe Jungle Raider Park at Civenna (900m above sea level on the Piano Rancio south of Bellagio) offers a variety of outdoor sports and activities. The main attraction is taking one of their so-called Park Paths which are graded by difficulty and suitability for heights and ages. Additionally you could opt for ‘Softair’ wargames, archery, potholing or canyoning. The potholing should be amazing given that the whole of the Lario Triangle is riddled with underground rivers and canyons. There is also a Jungle Raider Park Xtreme not so far away that presumably caters for those who get a thrill from extreme sports. Either way, all information is available on their website including costs.


Archeo Prehistoric Park – Boario (Brescia)

Archeo ParkThis theme park is  little distance out of Como but is included here because it is a little out of the ordinary and less likely to reach your notice than the massively commercial theme parks like Gardaland. This is their own description of what they offer:

In the ARCHEOPARK you can explore a CAVE like those where, more than 10.000 years ago, people painted the animals they hunted; you can observe how the Mesolithic nomads , between 10.000 and 7.000 years ago, organized their ROCK SHELTERS; followed by a herd of goats you can take a break in the NEOLITHIC FARM and hold the tools of the prehistoric farmers as the hoe or the sickle.
You can stop in the huts of the great PILE­DWELLING VILLAGE, similar to villages of 4.000 years ago, which is on the edge of the lake you can cross by dugouts canoes among waterfowl and reeds. You can go up the hill to conquer a FORTIFIED VILLAGE , as the villages of 3,000 years ago, and rest among the trees ; you can enter the log houses of the VILLAGE OF THE ARTISANS, similar to those of 2.500 years ago, to observe some craftsmen working with ancient techniques.
It’s also possible to go through a great LABYRINTH which has been rebuilt on the basis of the petroglyphs found on the rocks in Luine, Capo di Ponte and Cimbergo areas.
This big MULTIFUNCTIONAL THEME PARK is not only to visit but to live …

To learn more, visit their website by following the link.

Cycling Museum at Ghisallo

museo ciclismoAs is obvious, many Italians are passionate about cycling and so the Cycling Museum at Ghisallo is a popular destination for enthuiasts. It is located at the top of one of the many taxing hill climbs in Lombardy. In fact, if you arrive at the museum having climbed the hill, you earn yourself a €1 reduction in the entry price of €6. The museum is open from March everyday from 9.30 to 17.30.

Lake Como Adventure Park

lake como adventuire parkThis offers similar types of activities as the Jungle Raiders Parks mentioned above. They are open from the start of April until the end of October but you will need to book in advance if visiting during the week in April to May or from mid September to the end of October. They are located in Sant’Anna di Germasino, near to Dongo. Get more information from their website or contact them via or by phone on +39 0344 53 6589 or +39 334 857 1659.

Moto Guzzi Motorbike Museum

moto guzziMoto Guzzi’s factory is on Lake Como just outside of Lecco . Attached to the factory is this museum with over 80 different Moto Guzzi models on display. Entrance is free but not suitable for disabled visitors. Opening times are limited to between 3.00pm and 4.00pm Monday to Friday. Since the museum is linked to the factory, it closes during the main factory holidays, i.e. during August and over the Christmas period.