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CatHoliday Homes for Cats

La Loggia del Gatto

This Cat (and small animal) holiday home is in Lipomo just outside Como. You can treat your cat to a standard, superior or deluxe bo when you go away on your own holidays. All information (in Italian only however) is available on their website.

Cat Psychologist and Behavioural Therapist

LogoAliceAlice Guarda I Gatti

If you are struggling with behaviour issues of your cat, Alice can support you. Alice Guarda I Gatti (literally, “Alice Watches The Cats”, from a popular Italian song) is a consulting service on cat behaviour and feline well-being based in Como and founded by Alice Catalani, a SIUA-certified human-cat relationship.

bocconcino (1)Alice offers both home, in-person and virtual consultations in Italian and English to cat owners who wish to better understand their feline friends, in critical situations or simply to set up a happy and fulfilling coexistence, especially in the pre- and post-adoption phases.

With an approach based on observation, empathic listening, behavioral science knowledge and intuition, Alice offers personalised plans for cats and their humans, targeting a variety of issues and situations, such as:

  • house soiling (urinating and/or defecating)
  • indoor urine-spraying  
  • cat-to-cat and cat-to-human aggression
  • cat introductions 
  • moving house / vet visits
  • fearful behaviour
  • overgrooming or other compulsive behaviours
  • excessive vocalisation

The consultation with Alice is not intended as a medical diagnosis and is not a replacement for veterinary care, which is always recommended as soon as a behaviour problem arises.

grooming (1)

Once medical causes have been ruled out, Alice will provide cat owners with custom and species-appropriate advice to prevent or resolve behavior issues, guiding humans towards a healthy and harmonious relationship with their cats and (maybe) inspiring them to look at the world through their eyes.

For more info or to book a home or video consultation, visit  (available only in Italian at the moment), send an email to or contact Alice at +39 375.5634908