Menu Del Giorno Offers

The rhythm of the working day is still characterised by the lunchtime break reinforced by the almost moral obligation on employers to subsidise lunch for those employees who cannot be expected to return home to eat. To meet this demand and to keep prices in line with the vouchers (buoni pasti) given to employees, a number of restaurants offer a so-called ‘menu del giorno’ at a fixed price.

These menus usually consist of a first and second course, a vegetable or salad side dish, water and coffee for from €10 to €12. However individual places differ as to what is included and by the degree of choice offered (and of course the quality of their cooking).  Clearly at these prices, the food is going to be simple – the first courses offering more scope for displaying a chef’s talents than the second – reflecting what is more often eaten on an everyday basis.

We would really appreciate our readers comments and suggestions to help keep our list updated and to extend its coverage around and beyond Como.


Le Soste al Mare


Address: Via Diaz 59/63.


COMMENTS: Le Soste is a very pleasant fish restaurant whose prices are far from economical in the evening. Their ‘business’ menu offers a chance to eat well and economically at lunchtime. I have tried it many times and never been disappointed. The other good quality fish restaurant in the centre (La Tana dei Pescatori) used to offer a fixed lunchtime menu which was great but sadly no longer thus leaving the field open to Le Soste.

Al Cucchi


Address: Via Muralto 1


COMMENTS: One of the few ‘menu del giorno’ offers right in the middle of the old centre. I have not eaten here so no personal recommendation.

All I Oli


Address: Via Borgo Vico 88


COMMENTS: I have never eaten here although I note that it scores well on Trip Advisor. This is a Spanish (Catalan) restaurant and so a bit of a rarity.

Bar da Lari


Address: Via Giorgio Giulini 3 (Off Via Milano)


COMMENTS: I have never eaten here so cannot recommend. Interesting to note that this is the location where the injured during the uprising of the Cinque Giornate in 1848 were brought for first aid when the insurgents were fighting the Austrian army along the length of Via Milano.

Da Rosa


Address: Via Perlasca (Off Viale Lecco)


COMMENT: I have not eaten here so no personal recommendation. However the menu looked to be excellent value and so will be trying it before long.

Il Vecchio Borgo


Address: Piazza Matteotti 1 (Entrance to Como Lago Station)


COMMENTS: I have not eaten here so no personal recommendation.

La Griglia


Address: Via Rezzonico 2


COMMENTS: I have eaten here once. There was an either/or choice for each item. The first course and contorno were fine although the second course wasn’t however others have recommended this restaurant.



Address: Via dei Partigiani 4


COMMENTS: This restaurant is attached to the Megaride Guest House. I have never eaten here but I understand the restaurant is run by those who previously managed a small restaurant in Via Monti where I ate with pleasure.

Le Catene

Editor comment: This restaurant has now closed down (March 2023)


Address: Via Benzi, 10


COMMENTS: A very traditional trattoria with the TV placed in the corner and a series of regulars reassured by the never-changing aspect. Good range of options available. Recommended.

La Locanda Del Borgo


Address: Via Borgo Vico 34


COMMENTS: Good choice range. Highly recommended.


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