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I am an Englishman in Como, Northern Italy - definitely both a Euro and Italophile with an interest in modern history, walks in the hills and mountains, and food and wine. I favour 'slow' tourism alongside of 'slow' food.

Lake Como Boatyards: Luxury Boats

Lake Como’s boatyards have been building luxury boats for the last 200 years and will continue to do so for years to come. Even if we are never likely to own one, we can all experience the joy of a journey in a vintage Venetian-style water taxi. Continue reading

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Lake Como Boatyards: The Champions

Lake Como has a long tradition of boat building and through the 20th century achieved world class renown for producing sailing yachts and powerboats, thus earning a reputation for quality that lasts to this day. Continue reading

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Dolinski ‘Sui Muri’ of Como’s Villa del Grumello

Dolinski ‘Sui Muri’ of Como’s Villa del Grumello. A figurative art that appears abstract, a personal art that is universally accessible. Her subject matter has moved from the sky out of her window to  walls and now on to the mountains above Como, Continue reading

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True Crime in Como – the Molteni Murder

The ‘Delitto Molteni’ is a local true crime story which contains some elements of tragedy within it. A respected architect is accidentally murdered in a plot hatched by his ex-wife and her lover. He dies and they end up with long terms in prison with a further 10 people convicted for their involvement. Continue reading

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Walking Lake Como’s Wayfarer Way

The Via del Viandante (Wayfarer’s Way) is a long distance trail that runs up the eastern leg of Lake Como from Abbadia Lariana to Colico. I undertook a 3 day excursion along its length and was dazzled by the variety and beauty of the area. Continue reading

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Como’s Changing Lakefront

Como is justifiably famous for the beauty of its natural surroundings and of its ancient walled city, for the inventiveness and quality of its silk production and for the creativity and skills of its artists and artisans throughout the centuries. The list of positives does not end there but it also ranks as the city with the longest, worst managed and corrupted civil engineering project throughout Northern Italy – but an end to the flood defence project is finally in sight. Continue reading

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Como: The Potential for Cultural Tourism

Como and Cultural Tourism – a sustainable form of tourism with the potential of increasing the length of visitor stays – for the benefit of tourists and residents alike. Continue reading

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‘James Bond’ drops into Lake Como

A real ‘James Bond’ secret agent drops into Lake Como, is immediately arrested but eventually acts as the facilitator of the Italian Armistice in September 1943 – a story truly stranger than fiction Continue reading

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The Romantic Era of Smuggling: A Game of Cat and Mouse on Lake Como

The Romantic Era of Smuggling: A Game of Cat and Mouse on Lake Como. Smuggling was common along the entire length of Italy’s northern border but particularly prevalent around the lakes so much as to become a key element in local folklore. Continue reading

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Hollywood, Gucci and Lake Como

Hollywood, Gucci and Lake Como. On 17th March Hollywood will descend on Lake Como for a day of filming at the Villa Balbiano. The film is about the Gucci family and the murder of Maurizio Gucci ordered by his estranged wife, Patrizia Reggiani. Continue reading

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