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Stucco and Scagliola – Two of Como’s Baroque Specialities

Back at the start of the 17th Century, a new technique was developed in Northern Italy to create fake marble marquetry. This was called scagliola. It was a complimentary extension of the skills of the stucco masters – and the artists and craftsmen from the Province of Como’s Val D’Intelvi excelled in its execution, working on palaces and churches across Italy and Mid or eastern Catholic Europe. Continue reading

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October Gastronomica: A Flurry of Food Festivals

October Gastronomica: A Flurry of Food Festivals. GastroLario, Rassegna Gastronomica Valle Intelvi and Rassegna Tremezzina Gastronomica – all intended to promote local cuisine and traditions of hospitality. Continue reading

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