Full Jazz Immersion – Com’In Festival


comin jazz logoAs from Friday 9th March, ‘Greater’ Como embarks on over a week of full jazz immersion with the launch of the so-called ‘Com’In Jazz’ Festival. This aims no less than to revive Como’s reputation for jazz and musical innovation that apparently thrived in the 80s and 90s. It runs until Wednesday 15th March, but is then immediately followed by its partner festival in Chiasso that runs from Thursday 16th March until Sunday morning.

chiasso JazzBut that is not the only reason why this festival involves ‘greater’ Como since many of the fringe events take place in bars both within the old centre, immediately surrounding it or even out as far as Breccia. Other aspects to this festival that mark it out as imaginative and deserving of every success are the inclusion of marching bands bringing the music out into the streets as in old New Orleans and the workshops for school pupils and other educative sessions intended to spread understanding and appreciation of this vibrant form of music.

Awaiting summer visitors

Como awaits visitors on Viale Geno

So what a great way to welcome in the Spring on this weekend by taking in some live music as many of the local hotels and places of interest  reopen their doors again for the start of the 2107 tourist season. But, as mentioned before, this festival really does intend to involve as many different people as possible ranging from the concerts ‘a pagamento’ at the Teatro Sociale’ with tickets costing about €15 to those concerts with free admission at the Chiostrino di Sant’Eufemia or the Nerolidio Music Factory in Via Sant’Abbondio. Full details of the programme are available at Visit Como.


But please note a particularly imaginative idea for extending exposure to jazz beyond the normal scope of concert goers, namely the so-called ‘Aperitivi in Jazz’. This initiative offers more informal jazz sessions in smaller venues located in a variety of city and suburban locations. Check out the map and the listings on Visit Como. What about using this as a way of exploring parts of the city you may never have had a reason to visit before? These sessions run from 19.00 in the evening but a more likely start time is after 21.00.


  1. Nota su Nota, Via Giulini 13 (Sessions for schools)
  2. Be-Bop Cafe, Via Pasquale Paoli 51
  3. Fresco, Viale Lecco 23



  4. Il Gap, Via Sirtori, 12

    Il Gap

     Il Gap

  5. I Giardini di Tava, Via Dottesio 1
  6. Caffe Mazzini, Piazza Mazzini


    Caffe Mazzini

  7. Ox, Piazza de Gasperi 6



  8. Cava dei Sapori, Via Guido da Como 2
  9. Bistrot, Villa Geno


    Il Bistrot

  10. Vintage Jazz, Via Olginate 44

    Vintage Jazz

    Vintage Jazz

  11. Al Quaranta 4, Via D’Annunzio 44
  12. Arte Dolce Lyceum, Via Cesare Cantu 36


    Arte Dolce Lyceum


It’s great to see this festival being revived and support for another musical genre being added to Como’s already rich musical calendar.

music festival logosCheck out this range of musical festivals in and around Como on our events page and also get information either from Visit Como or from our own calendar on exact dates, times and locations. Finally, jazz lovers should not overlook the Chiasso Festival that offers three different gigs a night in the Chiasso Cinema Theatre from 16th March Thursday night through to the early hours of Sunday.



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I am an Englishman in Como, Northern Italy - definitely both a Euro and Italophile with an interest in modern history, walks in the hills and mountains, and food and wine. I favour 'slow' tourism alongside of 'slow' food.
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