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Fables, Legends and Folkore: A Walk to the Devil of Blevio and other Erratics

The area around Blevio and Torno is particularly rich in glacial erratics and three of the larger and better known examples can be visited on or nearby the mountain path from Brunate to Monte Piatto, above Blevio and Torno. Continue reading

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Water Taxis and Lake Como’s Vaporina

A ride in a water taxi on Lake Como,  either taken out of necessity or convenience, is a pleasure in itself. Water taxis go far beyond their evident practicality by offering comfort and inimitable style. The style of these boats has long been dominated by Venetian design, Lake Como is in the process of re-establishing its own brand of boat  – the Vaporina designed specifically for our waters. Continue reading

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Torno’s Santo Chiodo & Conflicts with Como

Torno’s Santo Chiodo & Conflict with Como: This Sunday, May 5th sees the annual blessing and evening procession through the town of its ‘Santo Chiodo’ or sacred nail – no less than one of the nails used in the crucifixion of Jesus. Continue reading

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Torno Circuit: Piazzaga and Monte Piatto

Torno Circuit – if I was to plan a walking holiday around Lake Como, Torno would be one of my favoured bases, from where this walk takes you above the Villa Pliniana to Piazzaga and Montepiatto and on to Brunate or Molina. Continue reading

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