Welcome to The Como Companion – the newsletter in English for residents and visitors to Como, its lake and surroundings. This newsletter aims to share and communicate local information amongst the English-speaking community (both permanent and temporary).

As it grows, this newsletter will  become a true information exchange with as many as possible contributing to the content and discussions. I am open from the start to share editorial and administrative duties and welcome all offers to assist. I am seeking collaborators who may wish to contribute articles, offer technical assistance, help define editorial strategy or just spread the word about us.

The founding objectives of the newsletter are to:

  • enrich our experience of living in or near Como through the mutual sharing of information and opinions.
  • make our contributors’ combined knowledge of Como’s facilities and attractions available to all including visitors or newly-arrived residents.
  • support the participation and engagement of our readers with local commerce and cultural or recreational activities.

All offers of collaboration will be very gratefully received.